Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Need a "Bless You"

For a couple weeks now, as I would be going through my day cleaning house or whatever, my daughter Emily (3) and I would have a conversation like this:

"Mom, I need a "bless you"!

(I would think to myself at that moment, puzzled, "did she just sneeze? I don't remember her sneezing?! Oh, well, maybe I was just too busy to hear it....")

"Bless you, Emily!"

Louder: "NO, MOM, I need a BLESS YOU!"


Still unsatisfied with my answer, she would finally just wander off. Emily has been known to be very demanding... or shall I say... assertive, and more often than not, she will ask me to repeat things for her just to make sure she has my attention, so I just figured she was doing that again. Well, after going through this same interchange about a million times in a week, I decided to analyze it by being a good Mom and actually LOOKING at her when she said it. I knelt down...I noticed that her nose was running...( so maybe she did sneeze? and I hadn't heard it?)......then it dawned on me...

"Emily, do you mean you need a tissue?"

"Yes, Mom, I need a "bless you."

So. Precious.